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.: Assess work personality and leadership skills

CTPI-R is an assessment tool that allows to assess personality traits, values and skills specific to the exercise of managerial functions or supervision. This assessment measures 19 personality traits associated with 21 key behavioural competencies.
CTPI-R is recommended for the recruitment and evaluation of internal managers and executives.


Central Test - The art of assessment


Key features

A customized report giving scores on competencies,  (19 personality traits).
A comparison with 21 behavioural competencies.
Monitors social desirability (inclination to present oneself favorably).
Available in English and French.

Target groups

Executives and managers.

Training :




CTPI-R provides a work personality assessment and is scientifically designed to measure work related personality traits that predict performance across a variety of management functions.


114 questions
25-30 minutes


  • User's guide including the psychometric test properties and a description of the dimensions measured.
  • A list of measurable behavioural competencies.

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