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Recruitment Personality Test

personality test

Number of questions: 91 - Duration: 10 to 12 min
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Recruitment personality

Does your personality fit your job?

Whether you are a job seeker, looking for a new career path or hoping to improve your job satisfaction,  Recruitment Personality Test helps you learn more about your work personality and the occupations that suit you best.

Recruitment Personality Test will help you to:

  • Discover your professional personality traits
  • Get ready for Interviews
  • Manage your career planning
  • Develop personally and improve your life satisfaction
  • Match your profile with 58 occupational groups

More information about  Recruitment Personality Test

Did you know that Personality tests are used by 80% of large organizations? Today's employers place more value into finding the right personality for their organization - and less on qualifications and certificates.

Recruitment Personality Test has been developed and scientifically validated for companies and HR professionals by Central Test, the leader in psychometric assessment.

Your personalized report gives you:

Personality Pro

  • Evaluation of 14 different dimensions divided into three groups:
    • Work Competencies:
      Organization, Dynamism, Anticipation, Adaptability, and Tenacity
    • Social and Emotional Qualities:
      Enthusiasm, Leadership, Eloquence, Diplomacy, and Self Control
    • Aspirations and Values:
      Need for Autonomy, Respect for Commitments, Ambition, and Sense of Service
  • Customized feedback and comments on each key dimension
  • A summary of your professional strengths and weaknesses
  • A comparison of your profile with respect to standard behavioral dimensions
  • A comparison of your profile with 58 major occupational groups

The  Recruitment Personality Test was developed and validated by Central Test psychologists on a representative sample of the English-speaking population. Central Test is the leader in personality, ability and career testing with more than 3,500 clients and two million internet users.

What our test takers say ...

Jarred Thompson, 25, Student/Systems Engineer
"This was my first recruitment test, and although I may not have enough experience yet in terms of actual business activities, the analyses provided are totally in line with my professional plans, which is definitely reassuring and motivating!"

Manjeet, 27, Project Manager
"Wow...I am shocked....and I know definitely where I need to make changes! Before doing this test I was in denial of some of my weaknesses and didn’t recognize my strengths - but now they are in front of me in black and glad I took the test."

Arjun , 34 , Country manager- Operations
"I was very impressed with your analysis and I think it helped me a lot to get an inside-out view of my own career. I feel that I can really work on my weaknesses and improve."

Thomas, 36, partner in a Business Consulting Firm
"I took the  Recruitment Personality Test out of mere curiosity. However I was amazed to see it's accuracy in predicting my professional & individual character. It gave a clear overview of my personality type and helped me understand my strengths & weeknesses. I will keep this report handy and refer to it whenever I have to choose beween work opportunities."