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Free Communication Test: 30 questions

Welcome to the communication test. Discover your personality from the way you communicate and skills. Assess if you have difficulty communicating your thoughts and feelings to others. Take now the communication skills test!
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Choose the option that best fits your personality, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the personality test is amazing. Free online test.

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T=True. F=False
1. I can keep a secret.
2. I rarely commit an indiscretion.
3. I think the leaks in a company are serious and negative.
4. I never engage in altercations or disputes.
5. The control exercised about what I say it's natural to me.
6. I feel very comfortable in most conversations.
7. I do not react emotionally when I'm provoked.
8. I always understand my innermost feelings.
9. I know when it is better to remain silent.
10. I find it hard to keep for me the information that someone give me
11. I almost never use profanity in social environment.
12. I listen to others but often don't pay attention to what they say.
13. I know when I should let the others talk.
14. I'm very efficient when it's time to persuade others.
15. I lie from time to time, although I would like to be frank.
16. I do know to listen. I'm always attentive and receptive.
17. I try to make a good impression when I'm introduced to someone.
18. When I speak, I expressing myself promptly and properly. My words have a noticeable effect on others.
19. I like speaking. My body language is rich.
20. I use the tone and volume of voice to reinforce what I say.
21. In conversations, I always try to be friendly.
22. My communication skills are the key to my success.
23. Whenever I have the mastery of myself because it's important.
24. I interact well with people because I understand all elements involved in the conversation.
25. I am always careful with what I say because others can hear.
26. I rarely reveal information if it could be delicate.
27. I can remain silent at all, because I exercise a good control over every word I utter.
28. I exercise control over what I say, even after several drinks.
29. Whenever I confess all to vent.
30. I have limited trust in others.