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Psychometric Tests:
How to Succeed at Psycho
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A psychometric test (also called psycho tests) is a human resources test to evaluate a candidate in a recruitment process.Discover the best tips to succeed at personality tests.

The use of psychometric testing provides valuable information on the skills and abilities of the candidate for employment.

How to succeed at personality tests (all tips for free)

There are several types of psychometric tests, personality, intelligence IQ, psychology, general knowledge, motivation, emotional intelligence. Depending on each type of test, you should follow a specific strategy.

Psychometric tests of personality: psychology, motivation, and other similar tests

For psychometric personality tests is important to get the highest score possible to determine if your profile fits with the company. It is important to meet as many questions as possible, we do not know the psychological interpretation that lies behind each question. Experts recommend answering the questions using common sense and there is no right answer.

Generally, in the psycho-time is very scarce and probably not even get to finish the test. Do not worry, it's normal.

Psychometric tests of knowledge: intelligence IQ and general culture

A dilemma that we find in the aptitude testing of knowledge: to risk or not to answer those questions that we are not sure. Experts say it's not worth risking on the questions that are not known with certainty, because the failure discounted 1 / 3 point. In these tests, which only requires a 5 to approve, to answer 60% or 70% of the questions that we are sure, it would be enough.

If you do not know the answer to most of the questions, we must decide whether to risk it or not. If we answer it we can win 1 point, if it is a wrong answer we will lose 0.33 points. Suppose we have 4 questions that we have no idea. With a little luck we can hit 1 of 4 bringing to offset what we would drop the other 3 failures and we would be like if we had left it in blank (1x1 - 0.33x3=0). Furthermore, if we're lucky and we have 2 of the 4 questions we would get a 1.33 (1x2 - 0.33x2=1.33).

If a question is difficult to answer it for us, it is better to move to the next one. There is no point losing 2 minutes to solve a logic problem although we are sure of the solution when in those two minutes we could have answered to letters or 5 sets of 10 questions of synonyms.

Conclusion: In this type of test is important to move quickly, read carefully the question and answer it if we are sure if we're not sure we can risk it or leave it for a second round (there is usually enough time in this test).

What happen if I don't have a good score on my personality test or psychometric test?

Failing a psycho test is not synonymous of suspense in the recruitment process. It's important to get a higher score than the other candidates in the whole recruitment tests (interviews, CV, test, motivation).

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