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Personality Test for Free: 40 questions

Welcome to the free personality test. Discover your personality with a free personality questionnaire. A test developed by psychologists, which allows you to make an assessment of your Personality. Personality test based on Big 5. Big Five is the most famous personality test (example of results)

Choose the option that best fits your personality, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the personality test is amazing. Free online test.

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T=True. F=False
1. Have you ever kept your word
2. You like making friends
3. You think, in general, be able to achieve all your goals
4. Have you ever avoided greeted someone (changing the sidewalk ...)
5. Rarely you come back to try something you have failed
6. You think life is fair with you
7. You think you are a dreamer
8. You have the same behavior at home and outside
9. You ever been envious of someone
10. When someone does something that you think is wrong, you say so openly
11. You are usually the first to interact with people
12. You easily find words to express your emotions and feelings
13. You accept criticism and you know to respond to them
14. You prefer to work alone
15. You care enough your health
16. In general, you're comfortable with people
17. You bother if you lose the game
18. You sometimes talk badly about other people when they are not present
19. You think others criticize you
20. Generally, you feel happy
21. You sometimes do things to please or avoid a disputation
22. You think you are nervous
23. You think that others are luckier
24. You have mood swings, more or less sudden
25. When you make a trip, you like to be proactive and not leave anything for the last minute
26. You feel nervous in enclosed spaces (elevators, tunnels ...)
27. You think you are a successful person in life
28. On occasions you've lost the nerves
29. You dislike things are messy around you
30. You will change something of your physical appearance
31. You tend to be quiet when you are among strangers
32. You prefer to stay home alone than going to a boring party
33. You often think in the past
34. You think that others do not care about the things you do
35. You are very concerned about what others think of you
36. You often feel worried
37. Before an important event (exam, job interview, etc.), you get very nervous and your stomach hurts
38. Sometimes, you leave for tomorrow what you can do today
39. You like that others are aware of what you say or do
40. Some concern has make you asleep at night