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Welcome to the manager test developed by Peter Drucker, the renowned American guru of management. Discover your personality from your current aptitudes and management style. Take now the manager test and leadership (see an example of the results)

Choose the option that best fits your personality, and be honest, we don't keep any data. The reliability of the personality test is amazing. Free online test.

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Question 1 / 10: Manager test

You understand clearly what is your Mission in the company, in which areas you can contribute most and what things you are being paid


Question 2 / 10: Manager test

How do you motivate people?

Leading as an example.
Leading as an example, and demanding results and responsibility.
None of the above ways.

Question 3 / 10: Manager test

You think it's very important for a good leader to have charisma and being populare


Question 4 / 10: Manager test

You reward innovation and entrepreneurship in the other, but also you appli this idea in your own learning


Question 5 / 10: Manager test

You are aware of new accounting tools such as EVA (Economic Value Added) or ABC (Activity Based Costing)?

Yes, I know the EVA.
Yes, I know the EVA and ABC.

Question 6 / 10: Manager test

You know that there are several types of work team and know which team is best for each type of task (as basketball, soccer, tennis doubles, etc.)

I use only one type of team.
I use more than one type of team.

Question 7 / 10: Manager test

You know clearly what has to be your results and you constantly review these results and the definition of these


Question 8 / 10: Manager test

Have you defined for yourself a long-term training plan that forces you to learn new things?

Yes, I've yet thought about it.
Yes, I have written it.

Question 9 / 10: Manager test

Do you have self-control and know easily control your conflicting emotions?

Yes, I'm positive and unflappable even in the most critical moments.

Question 10 / 10: Manager test

Do you practice regularly a time management technique?

Yes, and I'm using it.
Yes, I'm using it successfully.