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Correct answers: 10 | Total questions: 10 | Intelligence quotient: 150

Your IQ score is 150. The average IQ in USA is 100. Most people have an IQ between 85 and 115. You have a remarkable intelligence and mental agility. They help to succeed in business career and education. You correctly analyze the complexity of your environment. Your logical, verbal and numerical reasoning ability can be improved by practicing other online tests.

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Solutions of the IQ test:

Answer 1 / 10: IQ test (spatial logic)

What number do you see in this image?

Free IQ test21.
74. test

Answer 2 / 10: IQ test (verbal reasoning)

Complete the sentence with the two missing words in the points:
...... is DINNER as MORNING is a ......

Eat - Sleep.
Breakfast - Dinner.
Dinner - Breakfast.
Night - Breakfast. test

Answer 3 / 10: IQ test (spatial logic)

Which figure completes the series?
Free IQ test

IQ testIQ testIQ testIQ test

Answer 4 / 10: IQ test (numerical reasoning)

What number completes this series: 6, 1, 8, 3, 10 ?

5. test The series adds 2 alternating a number:6+2=8; 8+2=10; 1+2=3; then the result is 3+2=5

Answer 5 / 10: IQ test (logic)

What domino is needed to complete the series?

Domino test - IQ quiz

IQ testIQ testtestIQ testIQ test

Answer 6 / 10: IQ test (reasoning)

A golf course of 10,000 Sq Ft is sold for a total of $400,000. How much did the Sq Ft cost?

$40. test It’s the division of $400,000 by 10,000 Sq Ft.

Answer 7 / 10: IQ test (logical and spatial)

How many triangles are in this picture? (be careful, only 2 of 10 people found the correct answer)

Free intelligence test8.
44. test It must be added the small and large triangles.

Answer 8 / 10: IQ test (reasoning)

A truck has taken 8 hours to travel 640 miles. How fast did it go?

100 miles/hour.
640 miles/hour.
80 miles/hour. test It’s the division of 640 miles by 8 hours.
We can’t answer it.

Answer 9 / 10: IQ test (logic)

INTELLIGENCE is the no. 123455164784 as the number 12349743 is the word:

internet. test Each number represents a letter: I=1, N=2, T=3, etc...

Answer 10 / 10: IQ test (verbal reasoning)

Each of the three brothers has a sister. How many are there all together?

Four. test