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Answer 1 / 8: Recruitment test

A typist should transcribe the following numbers:


How many mistakes did he do?

5 10 74test

Answer 2 / 8: Recruitment test

A typist should transcribe the following numbers:


How many mistakes did he do?

5 4test8

Answer 3 / 8: Recruitment test

CustomerAccount balanceCustomerAccount balance
Nazzole. A $57.875,25Doménech. A $127.350
Sánchez. M $33.858 Anuyat. M $90.500
Romera. P $126.300Villa. A $116.125
Ferris. L $68.425,50Matero. J$86.430
Gasa. E $250.000Vinas. X $98.150

How many customers, whose names are between the letters P through Z, both inclusive, have a superior balance of $95,000?
0 3test5

How many accounts are there over $75,000?

How many customers, whose names are between the M and R, both inclusive, have a balance of less than $65,000?


Answer 4 / 8: Recruitment test

Indicate the phrase that has a spelling error:

It's never a good idea to get between a dog and its favorite toy.
I was happy to lose the extra 20 pounds I'd been carrying since the baby.
The team never believed that they'd lose the game. test
Two simple rules to remember:
1/ Loose can have several meanings in English and is used an adjective or adverb (Unattended children ran loose through the toy store. )
2/ But lose is always a verb (His mother told him to lose the attitude or else. )
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Answer 5 / 8: Recruitment test

Complete the sentence with the two missing words in the points:
...... is DINNER as MORNING is a ....

Dinner - Breakfast.
Eat - Sleep.
Night - Breakfast. test
Moon - Dinner.

Answer 6 / 8: Recruitment test

One of these series of words keeps the correct alphabetical order. What is it?

Loba – lobo – lobulo – lobrego – locion – local - localidad.
Lucero – luciente – lucido – lucir – lucroso – lucro - luego.
Libélula – liberacion – liberador - liberal - liar - liberalismo - libertad.
Loteria – lotero – loza – lozaina – lozano – lubina - lubricante. test

Answer 7 / 8: Recruitment test

What is the value of the pH of the Coke beverage?

2,3 test

Answer 8 / 8: Recruitment test

Between the following city nicknames, what is the bad assertion:

Anchorage: The City of Lights.
Las Vegas: The Magic City. test The correct answer is:
Las Vegas: Gambling Capital of the World or Sin City.
Miami: The Magic City.
Reno, Nevada: The Biggest Little City in the World.
Hot Springs: The Spa City.